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Maida - 2 cup

Water - less than 1/2 cup

White Oil - 1/4 cup (for dough)

Oil - 1 cup (for frying)


For Syrup:

Sugar - 1 cup

Water - 1/4 cup











  1. Take maida in a bowl. To it add oil and mix well for 3-4 min.

  2. Then add water to make it into a tight dough. Knead well for 5 min. Make sure the dough is not loose. Keep aside covered for 15 minutes.

  3. Divide into 4 balls. Using a rolling pin, flatten the balls to thick oval  shape 2 inch  wide.

  4. Using a knife, cut across the width at 1/2 inch gaps (as shown)


Cooking procedure:

  1. Heat oil in kadai till medium hot.

  2. Add the prepared nimki/crackers to oil and fry on slow heat.

  3. Remove the nimki/crackers when brown and keep aside. Drain excess oil by keeping the fries on a paper towel.

  4. In a separate pan mix sugar and water and heat. On high heat after about 2-3 minutes the syrup thickens and becomes sticky.

  5. When white bubbles start to show from bottom immediately add the fried nimki/crackers and stir constantly on low heat so that all crackers are coated. Turn off heat after 15-30 secs.


Serving Suggestions:

A very delicious tea time snack that can be stored away in a tight container for a long time.